måndag 24 juli 2017

Nothing Happened

Someone forwarded a post on Facebook and it ended up on my timeline. I thought it was extremely relevant and wanted to translate it so more people could get the chance to read this very important message. 

The original was written by Linnea Bontin. I only translated her words as accurately as I could manage. Please spread this message.

I walk along [the street]. Past closed stores, quiet street corners. It’s close to 3:30 a.m. and my keys chafe between my fingers. I hold them so hard the marks they leave last for hours. I hear voices from the other side of the street, they call out to me. “Hey girl! Hey! Sexy! Come on! We have a surprise for you”. The last part of the way I run and don’t relax until the elevator doors close behind me. I lean against the wall, let go of my temporary Wolverine hand.

Thinking: how lucky that nothing happened.

Nothing happened. Hours earlier I was slapping hands away from my hips. Escaping from arms that caught me. Apparently I was dancing too damn suggestively. I yelled that I didn’t want [to], but they didn’t stop until I told them that “I have a boyfriend and he’s right over there”. They respected another man more than my own will, my own words, my own body.

Nothing happened. In the school yard my students play tag, and get noisy after a while. The boys argue, throwing hurtful words around. It doesn’t get out of hand until one boy says “don’t be such a girl, a little c*nt”. The worst thing he could call another boy. The guys get in a fight, the girls look down at the ground, possibly concluding their own value right then. We go inside to discuss the issue. It’s the third time this week. They’re 8 years old.

Nothing happened. On my way into my high school classroom a hand finds my butt. And another, another, another. Palms smack against the denim. Bra strap whips against my back, fingers pull at my hair. The teacher sees my look of desperation, but doesn’t say anything. I don’t dare. And why should I? This is how the boys show they like me. This is what happens in high school. In life. My body is public property.

Nothing happened. On American streets several women are shot to death for refusing a man, for saying no. Nothing happened. Girls all over the world are married off against their will, girls all over the world are denied education, girls all over the world are denied growing up.

Nothing happened. On March 8 women all over the world are congratulated on the International Women's Day. They may not understand, but they say: congratulations women on being oppressed. Congratulations women on lower salaries, fewer opportunities. Congratulations women on the constant sexualisation, objectification, minimalisation. They don’t acknowledge, they don’t change, they don’t fight - they congratulate. Congratulations women, on March 8 the world celebrates that we still manage to exist. Well, some of us.

I get off the elevator, still breathing hard, my eyes still terrified. My fingers bruised from the keys. Congratulations woman. Congratulations me.

Nothing happened.

tisdag 24 januari 2017


Gosh I feel like I haven't written anything in ages. I apologize for that. Here are a few new shiny pretties for you to admire, and acquire.

This week's group gift from The White Armory is a chic modern minidress called Tres Joli.

Tres Joli in Rose comes in the standard sizes, but worn here with the Maitreya mesh body.

I recently won these adorable sandals from Baby Monkey, from the lucky chairs. They are BM Arcadia Sandal for Slink High feet, and come with a HUD to set colors for four different parts.

The hair is a new release from rezology, Danger, a sleek short style that I thought fit this outfit perfectly.

For those interested, these are the alphas I used on my Maitreya body to wear the standard size M dress.

I don't have a lot of "modern" outfits saved to my Alpha Save Slots, but this one got saved. It's an adorable outfit and I just know I'll wear it more than once.

So, specifics:

Tres Joli mesh dress set Rose - The White Armory
Arcadia Sandal - Baby Monkey
Danger hair - rezology
Eirtae T4 Fawn, Cheri - Lumae
Tender Eyes Glace - InkHeart
Maitreya Mesh Body - Maitreya
Slink High feet - Slink
System Head (shape made by me)

tisdag 13 december 2016


Hellooooo!! For someone who is a HUGE Supernatural fan, I'm actually not all that superstitious. For the new group gift from The White Armory though, I could learn. My pretty shinies. Let me show  you them.

Hello little falcon. I wonder if it's good luck having a falcon land on you?

Superstition is the name of this gown, and as per usual it is absolutely gorgeous. Worn here with the Maitreya Lara body.

The beautiful hair is a new release from rezology, Butterfly 193, a lovely long and slightly windswept style with a hint of curl. It's all manner of compatible, including Bento.

There you have it, my lovelies, so go forth and shop. And enjoy your Second Life!

Superstition Royal - The White Armory
Genie Harem Slippers Blue - Caverna Obscura
Star of Wonder Blue necklace and ring - She-Wolf Designs

Butterfly 193 - rezology

Maitreya Lara mesh body
LeLutka Karin mesh head
Eirtae Fawn Cheri skin - Lumae
Tender Eyes Glace - InkHeart

måndag 5 december 2016


After a small break, here's some new shinies for you.

This week's free group gift from The White Armory is Dreaming in Color - Cherish, which can be worn with or without sleeves. It didn't quite work with my Maitreya Lara mesh body, so I wore it with my system body. The neckpiece is included with the dress.

The hair is Whisper from rezology, one of my favorite hairstyles because of its versatility. The tendrils in front soften the style to suit casual wear, and the chignon in the back makes it also suit for more formal styles.

That's all for this week, so go out there and enjoy your Second Life.

Gown: The White Armory Dreaming in Color - Cherish
Shoes: Caverna Obscura Genie Harem Shoes Golden for Slink High Feet
Hair: rezology Whisper
Skin: Lumae Eirtae T4 Fawn // Cheri
Eyes: InkHeart Tender Eyes Glace Blue

tisdag 1 november 2016

I'm late!

I know, I know, I'm late with my weekly post! Most humble apologies and let me make it up to you with some shiny new pretties.

La Belle Iseult is the new group gift from The White Armory, this one in a lovely teal shade.

Here is a look from the back. The texture really evokes the feel of yards and yards of heavy rich fabric.

The hair is Dracarys from rezology, inspired by the TV-series Game of Thrones. The accessories are :[P]:- Erveil Unisex Jewelry:// Golden, Hammer. I can't for the life of me remember where I got it, but if anyone knows do feel free to let me know so I can give credit, because I do love this set. It also comes in Anchor.

Here is a view of Dracarys from behind, showing the intricate braids.

So there you have it, short and sweet. Have fun shopping and Enjoy your Second Life!

La Belle Iseult Gown - The White Armory
:[P]:- Erveil Unisex Jewelry:// Golden - ??
Dracarys hair - rezology
Eirtae - T4 - Fawn // Cheri - Lumae
Tender Eyes - Glace Eyes - InkHeart

Slink Physique Mesh Body
Slink Visage Mesh Head - Betty

måndag 24 oktober 2016

New week, new gifts.

I have two outfits for you this week, one from a store that a friend told me about. So let's dive right into the pictures so you can see for yourselves.

This is the October group gift from Sascha's Designs. It also comes with a full flexi skirt that I chose not to picture here.

I added the included chest ruffle and shoulder attachment. Here's what it looks like from behind. I quite like it, it's very shiny.

Flux Stilettos from ECRU matched the gown quite well. This is the group gift version that comes with a HUD of eight colors.

The latest group gift from Zuri Rayna, Antique Pearls Diadem - Tropical, looked great with this dress. The hair is Butterfly 047 from rezology.

The Lotis Armlets are also a current group gift at Zuri Rayna, and also matched the dress quite well.

That's all for the first outfit, so let's take a look at the second one.

This week's group gift from The White Armory is a two piece set in sparkly purple called Goddess of Silva. It comes with a matching belt as well.

Here is a view of the back. The hair is Scarlet Viper from rezology, a super long braid done in excellent detail.

Flux Stilettos group gift from ECRU suited this outfit as well, a versatile shoe. The full version comes in many more colors and is available all week for 60L.

MissSL Lumine Cameo Texture Change Set from Chop Zuey rounded out this outfit quite well. I only used the earrings and bracelet, but the set also includes a choker, all texture change via HUD.

So there you go, two gorgeous outfits with accessories, lots of high quality gifts from our talented creators. Have fun shopping, and...

...Enjoy your Second Life!

Outfit 1:
SAS - October 2016 Gown - Sascha's Designs
"Flux" Stilettos - E C R U
Antique Pearls Diadem - Tropical - Zuri Rayna
Lotis Armlets - Zuri Rayna
Butterfly 047 - rezology

Outfit 2:
Goddess of Silva Gown Set-Purple - The White Armory
"Flux" Stilettos - E C R U
MissSL Lumine Cameo Texture Change Set - Chop Zuey
Scarlet Viper - rezology

Slink Physique Mesh Female Body
Slink Visage Betty Mesh Head
Eirtae - T4 - Fawn // Cheri - Lumae
Tender Eyes - Glace Blue - InkHeart

måndag 17 oktober 2016

New Stuff!

Here I am again with some more pretty pictures of shiny new things. So without further ado:

This week's group gift from The White Armory is Dragonstone Barrows Gown Set-Rellekah. It is a fitmesh gown with optional flexi skirt attachment as shown in the picture.

Here is what the gown looks like without the flexi skirt attachments. The chain on the front is a separate attachment.

These mules from #EMPIRE, Tagetes, fit quite well with this gown as well. In case you don't remember, they were a VIP group gift and are still available for #EMPIRE VIP group members at the main store.

The jewelry set Ophelia in gold I thought matched the outfit. It is of course from Chop Zuey, still available in the gift section of the main store. The set also comes in silver. The hair is rezology Graceful Goddess, and the skin is the latest group gift from Lumae, worn with Glimmer Lipstick. The eyes are another freebie, this one from InkHeart for the SL Frees & Offers group.

InkHeart has a Halloween mini  hunt going on at their main store right now with twelve gorgeous eyes for 0L, all come in both system eyes and mesh attachment. See my Flickr Photostream for images of all the prizes.

So to summarize:
Gown: Dragonstone Barrows Gown Set-Rellekah (The White Armory group gift)
Shoes: Tagetes (#EMPIRE VIP group gift)
Jewelry: Ophelia in Gold (Chop Zuey group gift)
Hair: Graceful Goddess (rezology)
Skin: Eirtae - T5 - Dolce // Summer Sky (Lumae group gift)
Eyes: Tender Eyes - Glace Eyes (InkHeart SLF&O group gift)

So there you have it, shiny new pretties to go acquire. Have fun shopping!

Enjoy your Second Life!